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Health and nutritional check-up

Naturopathy is the art of using all healing remedies offered to us by Mother Nature.
This holistic method considers the entire person and treats the cause of health problems
and not the symptoms.
Therefore a health and nutritional check-up (1st appointment) is required in order to
establish a personalized therapeutic and nutrtional programme (2nd appointment). 

All methods presented below are used according to your needs to prevent
health problems or improve health, in order to slow down the evolution of
an existing acute or chronic disease.


Nutritional advice in tune with your needs
(disease, deficiency, excess, weight loss, etc.)



Essential oils extracted from aromatic plants by way
of distillation used for their effective action of the 
physical, mental and emotional levels. 



Medicinal plants used for their therapeutic
properties prepared in different forms
(tincture, lotion, herbal tea, capsule, etc.)


Bach Flowers

Flower essences harmonize our emotions naturally such as
(fear, lack of self-confidence, nervosity, depression, etc.)


Detoxification treatment

According to naturopathy, the accumulation of toxins is the main
cause of all diseases. Cleansing of the eliminatory organs:
bowel, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin 


Seasonal cleansing

Get prepared for the next season, recharge your batteries and
fortify your body.

Working hours

9.00 to 20h00

We look forward to welcoming you


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