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"L’art du toucher"

The Swedish

This swedish technique induces total relaxation by increasing
blood circulation and tones the muscles. Pressure can range
from light to firm in order to relax tensed muscles.
Invigorating and revitalizing!

The Sporty

Great after a good day of skiing, this rhythmic full body massage
uses deep technical muscular work in order to ease off tension
and improve flexibility. 


The Traditional thai, WatPo Style

This divine massage is performed fully dressed on a futon mat on
the floor. It is also called *Passive Yoga* as it uses acupressure
and multiple stretching techniques. It relieves muscular fatigue
and pain, improved the mobility of joints and harmonizes the
energy flow. You will enjoy a sensation of lightness and freedom.

The Therapeutic

Do you suffer from muscular rheumatism or aching joints?
We can help with personalized treatment adapted to your needs!
Arthritis, back ache, tendinitis and many more!

The Reflexology

This foot massage works on reflex zones that correspond to a
specific part of body or organ. This treatment can detect different
dysfunctions as well as stimulates and relaxes each part of the body.
Following several appointments, reflexology provides excellent therapeutic
results especially for troubles with digestion, blood circulation and rheumatism. 

The Lomi Lomi

This is a beautiful full body massage inspired by the Hawaiian tradition - 
it comes from the islands, rocked by the waves of an infinite ocean and as
lively as the boiling lava escaping the volcanoes. It relaxes and invigorates,
purifies and nourishes - a ritual of renewal. This massage is based on the
four elements of nature. The earth element looses blockages and tensions.
The water element promotes harmonization and emotional release. The air
gives space, soothes and allows us to feel connected to the universe.
Fire provides warmth, stimulates and energizes while awakening the joy
and the desire to undertake.

The Special Pregnancy

Offer yourself a privileged moment: a massage for two! The smooth movements
procure relaxation and well-being to the mom and the baby. The massage will be
adapted to your needs and actual health troubles: heavy legs, back pain, digestive
issues, water retention etc.

To carry out your oil massage, we use organic essential oils carefully selected
according to your needs (if there are no contraindications)!

Image de Jesper Aggergaard


60 min, 125.-


60 min, 125.-


60 min, 125.-

Working hours

9.00 to 20h00

We look forward to welcoming you


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