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Indian Head Massage

Massage of shoulders, neck and head to cleanse away
stress and promote a deep sense of inner peace.
Excellent against insomnia and headaches.


Face Massage

Spoil yourself with a face massage using a delicious
ayurvedic lotion. The facial muscles will be relaxed,
your skin will look firmer and radiant.


Marma Massage

This primeval Indian Massage done using smooth and
relaxing movements, strengthens the immunity and
enables the elimintation of toxins. The 107 marma
points (vital energy points) are stimulated to release
eventual energy blockages and increase the energy flow.



A hot oil bath applied onto an aching back, neck or knee
does wonders! The heat relieves pain and the precious
ayurvedic oil nourishes the concerned tissue and joints.


Bolus Bag

This exclusive treatment involves the use of Bolus Bags,
heated muslin packs filled with precious powders of ayurvedic
plants. This massage helps alleviate pain by opening the pores
and bringing the medicinal properties of the carefully selected
powders into the affected muscle and tissue. It acts as a real
painkiller for rheumatism and your skin becomes soft and silky
thanks to the exfoliating effect of the powder.

To guarantee the authenticity of your treatments, we use ayurvedic products imported from India.


Working hours

9.00 to 20h00

We look forward to welcoming you


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